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5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Self Storage in the Capital Region
September 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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After years of classes, club meetings, sporting events, and parties, you’ve likely accumulated quite a bit of stuff. You may have started with a clean home with aspirations for minimalism. But inevitably, one thing led to another, and you’ve acquired more items than you had initially been moved in with. Now comes the hard part — figuring out what to do with all of your things.

One excellent option is storing your belongings in self-storage in the Capital Region. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a self-storage facility:

1. Location

The idea of storing certain items outside of one’s home is not a new concept. The self-storage industry has a similar concept as many moving companies do. The advantage that most self-storage providers hold is that storage facilities are often set up in the middle of cities as it offers more flexibility due to easy accessibility. If you’re looking to store your belongings, it’s important that your belongings are accessible at all times.

2. Security and accessibility

Most self-storage facilities are often located in city centers and easily accessible by public transportation — which increases security for many customers. You’ll want to make sure that the storage facility you choose has alarm systems and surveillance cameras to ensure maximum security. Additionally, if you choose a 24/7 storage facility, make sure that you can enter via digital entrance controls for privacy and safety. This type of flexible access is one of the keys to making any facility a success and prevents physical keys from being lost and unauthorized people from entering the storage facility.

3. Temperature and cleanliness

Are climate-controlled storage units offered for tenants? One of the most important requirements for storing belongings is that they are stored safely and cleanly. The right temperature in self-storage can make a big difference. For your items to be stored well and safely, the unit will need to be dry and cool. Otherwise, things can quickly become moldy or damaged by rain. Consider choosing a self-storage facility that provides air-conditioned storage or heated storage in the winter. This way, you can feel comfortable both inside and outside the facility.

4. Duration of rent and size

If you are just relocating, you may not need to rent self-storage for very long. But if you need a place to put your things long-term, monthly or annual subscriptions may be attractive as this increases flexibility. Many self-storage facilities specialize in short-term rentals, and digital management makes it easy to renew or cancel your rental via an app.

5. Pricing

Price can often be one of the deciding factors when choosing a self-storage facility. You may have a determined budget set aside for the storage of your items. But if a storage facility can ensure your items are stored safely through modernization measures, temperature controls, and robust security measures, it may be worth paying a little extra. Self-storage facilities can save money with the help of new technology like access control, communication with users and managers via an app, and digital building control.

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