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Getting your classic car ready for storage in the Capital Region
March 8, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Red classic muscle car

Investing in quality car storage is an effective way to protect your vehicle and keep it in great shape until the next time you hit the road.

At Reliable Properties, we offer an array of options for car storage in the Capital Region.

If you’re getting your classic car ready for storage, here are our top five tips to get the process started.

1. Clean your car

First things first, clean your car before storing it away. Dirt, dead bugs, and grime can ruin your classic car’s paint and chrome work, so it’s important to do a thorough cleaning before storage. Wash, polish and wax your classic car thoroughly. Clean also the wheel arches and undercarriage as well as your car’s interiors. Check and clean the mirrors and windows.

This is also an opportunity to check your car for any damage that may need repairing before storage.

Remember to lift the car’s wipers from the glass too since the rubber has a tendency to fuse itself to glass if left unattended for long periods.

Lastly, don’t forget to remove all your valuables from your car too, such as documents, jewels, gadgets, and other personal belongings.

2. Seal openings

Rats enjoy the warm and comfortable conditions inside your classic car’s heater system and air filters which is why it's important to block any entry points.

Close all air vents, check for leftover food that might attract pests and plug the exhaust system to ensure that rodents won’t use your car as a place to eat and sleep.

3. Fill the tank

Before you drop off your classic car for storage, fill the tank with premium gasoline and stop at an auto parts store for a fresh bottle of fuel stabilizer.

Adding the fuel stabilizer will prevent the fuel from hardening. Remember to drive the car around first for about 15 minutes to mix the stabilizer into the gas and allow it to properly get into the fuel system.

4. Change the oil

Leaving old and dirty oil in your classic car can lead to rusting in your engine.

Aside from filling the tank with fresh gasoline, make sure to change the oil and replace the oil filter of your classic car before storage. After changing the oil, remember to drive your classic car first for a few miles before storage.

Ensure that all the fluids of your classic car are topped off before storage too. This includes the brake fluid, antifreeze, and transmission fluid.

Also, don’t forget to lubricate the cylinders of your car and remove the spark plugs before taking it to the storage facility.

5. Inflate the tires

Storing your classic car for a long period of time can take a toll on its shape. To avoid this, pump up your classic car’s tires up to the maximum recommended air pressure.

If you’re planning to keep your classic car in storage for a while, jack the car up and put it on axle stands to relieve the weight from the tires and suspension. This will also prevent tires from flat spotting, and is a great opportunity for you to inspect your tires before storage.

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