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How to prepare your boat for indoor storage
February 10, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Blue boat getting prepped for storage

As the boating season winds down, boat owners need to start thinking about where to safely and conveniently store their boats until it's time to hit the waters again. One of the easiest ways is by keeping it secure in a storage facility.

At Reliable Properties, we offer an array of indoor winter storage options in the Capital Region for boats of different sizes and dimensions. Here are our top tips on how to get your boat ready for indoor storage.

Clean the boat

Before leaving your boat in indoor storage, wash it first with soap and water to remove any barnacles and plants that might have been stuck to the hull.

After washing, let the boat completely, then give the hull and body a wax job, so it is nice and polished prior to storage.

Cleaning your boat is also a good opportunity to check for damages, so you can have these repaired before storage.

Flush the motor

Flush the boat motor with fresh water to remove any salt and dirt that might have built up from regular usage. This step is important because salt and debris can cause damage to the engine if left there for prolonged periods.

Check the engine as well to see if it’s still running properly. Refill your boat’s cooling system with antifreeze too and store away drive belts to avoid snapping due to extreme weather changes.

Clean the interior

Before leaving your boat for indoor storage, remove all fabric and leather covers of seats to prevent molds from developing. Tie any electrical cords too and keep them in a dry, safe place.

Check if there is anything in your boat’s interiors that need repairs and have them done before leaving it for indoor storage.

Check for valuables

Check your boat for jewelry, gadgets, and other important things that you might leave behind. Open the lockers, cabinets, and drawers and remove all your valuables before indoor storage.

Leaving your valuables behind could get them musty while in storage. Ensure that ropes and tarpaulins in your boat are also tied properly.

Drain internal water

This is a crucial step in preparing your boat for indoor storage since liquid can freeze and cause cracks in your engine if left stagnant.

Drain your boat’s water tanks, fuel lines, and ballast tanks before you place them in an indoor storage facility. If you’re not sure how to do it, call in a professional boat service to do it for you.

Lubricate moving parts

Grease your boat’s steering system with lubricant to avoid it from getting rusty while in storage. Apply lubricant on all moving metal parts like hinges and inspect for possible damages too.

When you get your boat checked in a service, you can also ask them to ensure that the steering system is well-greased and fit for indoor storage.

Use a waterproof cover

Your boat can still benefit a lot from a waterproof cover even if you’re going to store it indoors.

It adds extra layer protection to your boat in case there are roof leaks in the storage facility. The cover also prevents dust from building up in your boat.

Contact us for indoor boat storage

True to our name, we provide reliable indoor boat storage services. We have four convenient indoor storage locations that can cater to your storage needs at an affordable price. Reliable Properties also offers real estate brokerage services and cash for home solutions for residents across the Capital Region.

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