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Simplify Your Life with Affordable Self-Storage
June 14, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Affordable self storage in New York.

Even if you love the minimalist aesthetic, it's difficult to keep the clutter from building up at home. Affordable self-storage prevents the garage and basement from accumulating seasonal and bulky possessions. Sports and outdoor equipment, bicycles, holiday decorations, and heirloom furniture are just a few of the things that can overcrowd a home. They exist in the awkward space where you don’t need them every day but still use them often enough that you can’t throw them away.

It’s frustrating when things used once a year, or put away for months at a time, consume valuable space at home. With affordable self-storage, you can clear out the dusty, cobwebbed areas of your home and turn them into more liveable square footage in your home.

Organize your home by season.

There’s nothing more annoying than tripping over sleds and snowshoes in your garage in the middle of July. No matter how much you use seasonal recreation gear, it feels like it’s just sitting around taking up space on the off-months. One of the best ways to organize your home to take advantage of affordable self-storage is to sort through sports and outdoor equipment by season.

  • Swimming pool toys and floats
  • Kids sports equipment
  • Winter activities gear
  • Gardening equipment

Plastic bins and sports bags can organize smaller items together, making it easy to transport them between your home and your storage unit.

Only keep what you need at home.

While kids may play catch with baseball equipment year-round, more oversized items like football pads and hockey equipment, don’t get used as much during the off-season. Make sure everything is clean, and store it with dryer sheets and moisture-absorbing packets. That way, you’ll pick up fresh-smelling, tidy equipment when your family’s ready to get back on the field or ice.

Schedule a day every month or every other month to head to the storage unit to get out the items you need and replace them with last season’s equipment. The more convenient the locations for your affordable self-storage unit, the easier it is to make a trip rather than let things pile up in the garage.

Periodically clean out your storage unit.

Once you realize how affordable self-storage is, it’s easy to avoid getting rid of anything and instead just throw it into storage. You can always upgrade your unit to a larger size as your family grows, or you incorporate new interests and passions into your life, like kayaking or skiing.

A few times a year, sort through the storage unit to (re)discover what’s in there. You may find forgotten treasures you want to bring into your home full time, pass along to other family members, or get rid of entirely.

If you’ve forgotten something was in storage, or you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s a good sign you might be ready to part ways with it.

Not all affordable self-storage is equal: get the features you need.

Renting a storage unit only simplifies your life if it has the right features. Look for a convenient location, like one of the four Reliable Properties storage facilities in Castleton, Schodack, East Greenbush, and Nassau.

You also want a place where you’ll feel safe and have the peace of mind that your possessions are secure, with surveillance and gated access.

Being able to pay your rent online also eliminates the extra hassle from your monthly to-do list. Look for a company with a website where you can reserve a unit, and pay your monthly bill, all in one location, like the Reliable Properties self-storage portal.

Find affordable self-storage in four convenient Capital Region locations with Reliable Properties.

Whether you need storage for a month or a year, Reliable Properties has four easy locations. Our facilities offer secure 24-hour gated access, so your belongings are as protected as they would be at home.

Schedule a tour of our affordable self-storage facilities at any location, or reserve a unit online.