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Tips for properly using rental property listing sites
September 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Tips for properly using rental property listing sites

Creating a listing for your property on rental property listing sites can be a difficult process if you’ve never done it before. Knowing what kind of information to provide as well as what to omit is a fine balance that someone who’s inexperienced might not understand. At Reliable Properties, we can help with some tips to create a great listing that will help draw attention to your property.

Add good photos

Good photos of your property will make all the difference from getting passed over to drawing attention from the type of people you want to rent to. Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to go because they’ll know all the perfect angles to capture in your property.

If you’re planning on taking the pictures yourself, make sure that you have plenty of natural lighting in every room as it helps to make them look bigger. You’ll also want to have a clean kitchen, which includes countertops, appliances, and the floor. If your property is furnished, make the beds, fluff couch cushions, and tidy up area rugs. Freshly manicured landscaping can also go a long way to attracting renters. You can make a good first impression with pictures that look good online.

Provide an in-depth property description

Let renters or visitors know exactly what they’re getting into with the property. If you’re renting to long-term tenants, they’re going to have a list of certain features and amenities that they’re looking for in a temporary home. Some of these things might be a gas stove, outdoor lighting fixtures, washer and dryer hookups, or any number of things. Don’t scrimp on the details as you could be passed up for somebody else who offers similar features but you simply forgot to include them in your description.

Have a pet policy

It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t allow pets, it’s important to put information in your listing either way. If you do allow pets at the property, make your specifications clear. Do you allow dogs and no cats? Can tenants have one small dog or up to two large dogs? People who have pets are going to want these details before they pursue any property even if they simply have a goldfish. Many prospective tenants who already have pets will narrow their search on rental property listing sites by those who do allow them, so you will want to be either eliminated from or included in those searches based on your policy.

Describe the area

Let prospective tenants know what the area is like before they ever come to visit. Include nearby shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and attractions. Remember that not everyone who is looking to rent from you is local to the area. Some people might be coming from out of state and aren’t familiar with what’s around. What’s more, information about schools, medical clinics, and hospitals can go a long way to enticing a family to rent from you.

Get help from our team

If you would like more advice from our team of experts at Reliable Properties, get in touch with us and we can help you list your property on rental property listing sites. We have a diverse background working with a variety of properties and can help you find renters for yours. Give us a call at 518-496-7867 or send a message using our contact form to schedule an appointment. We would love to answer your questions about listing your rental property and help you with the process.